Onward Investors

Finding deeper value in commercial real estate

Active management. Risk adjusted returns.

Successful Real Estate investing takes experience, instincts, and capital. It’s good to know you have veterans with skin in the game alongside you. We don’t simply invest for you, we invest with you on every deal.

    National relationships. Local focus.

    Opportunities are greatest when the right product is introduced in the right market condition. Value comes from having a perspective that is lost on those who rely on numbers alone.

    Others zig or zag. We zip.

    A $60 Million line of credit from U.S. Bank allows us to approach a deal with confidence and to move quickly to a close. To manage risk, we use our network and instincts to identify the right product and our experience to negotiate and execute with confidence.

Skin in the game. It’s what separates us from other funds. Our experience has shown that it is better to have everyone’s investments aligned, from the firm partners to the private equity, to the first-time real estate investor. Of course, you want to know who your co-investor is. How did they behave when the industry’s back was against the wall? How many real estate cycles have they weathered? With what results?

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