What We Do.

Our passion is doing the legwork to locate the gem in the rough. The team is in place from the ground up. From on-site know-how and established capital to collaborative execution by Onward – our investors, partners, and vendors are aligned. Every day our team sets forth managing calculated risk. We like hairy deals because that is where the opportunity is. Taking that calculated risk is where the reward is.

Our Position

At the intersection of Assets & Markets

Onward Investors

Deep Value comes from insights beyond the spreadsheet. Our national relationships put us on the ground regionally to find the right asset-market fit that creates opportunity.

Our Capabilities

Deep Value. Active Management. Risk Adjusted Returns.

The trail begins with going off the map to find opportunity. Bringing an overlooked property back to market requires repositioning and redevelopment. This allows our investors to consistently enjoy healthy returns. Onward has assembled the leadership, the team, and the trusted national relationships to provide a complete path to successful real estate investing.

  • Recover

    • Property Evaluation
    • Market Analysis
    • Feasibility Analysis
  • Rebuild

    • Financing
    • Design and Construction Management
  • Reimagine

    • Repositioning Strategy
    • Acquisition
    • Asset Business Plan
  • Reinvest

    • Property and Asset Management
    • Disposition
    • Investor Distribution



  • Remember the real estate bubble? The great recession? The upside down hockey stick graph showing declining property values? It was a time of massive losses, bankruptcy and settlements, and while many forgive and forget, U.S. Bank saw our Founders’ integrity as not only admirable but backable.
  • After 13 years of running Opus Northwest, John Solberg and Brad Osmundson were accustomed to financial performance that showed $600 million of revenue and 25% return on equity. But in 2009, they found themselves managing through a mine field that brought down their sister companies and nearly took out their parent company. No one can ever be fully prepared to sit through meetings in which you hear the words “cross-default”, “loss of bonding capacity”, and “bankruptcy”.
  • But when things are hard a person’s true character shows through. The determination to stick with it. To make the hard choices. To do what is right even when it isn’t popular. Those are the people you want to do business with for the long term. Those are the people that show not just the ability to pay you back but the willingness to do whatever it takes to make it happen.
  • It took over two years, but John and Brad stuck with it and ultimately Opus Northwest was successful in not only paying U.S. Bank back on its $300 million of secured debt but also paying off its $45 million in unsecured debt. The character that John and Brad displayed was not lost on U.S. Bank. When Onward needed an acquisition line of credit, U.S. Bank rewarded that history by providing the $60 million line of credit that Onward has in place to this day.



    Value add isn’t an obvious thing. To find those gems, we take a multi-dimensional 360 degree analysis that’s a lot more informative than a spreadsheet. Sometimes it is just being at the right place at the right time. Sometimes it is helping a distressed seller that cannot hang on long enough to finish a deal. Sometimes the deal is quirky and doesn’t fit anyone’s “box.” Our goal is to dig far enough to see something that others don’t. Usually it is just being willing to listen to ideas from others and seeing a way to transform a project.


Skin in the game. It’s what separates us from other funds. Of course, you want to know who your co-investor is. How did they behave when the industry’s back was against the wall? How many real estate cycles have they weathered? With what results? Our experience has shown that it is better to have everyone’s investments aligned, from the firm partners to the private equity, to the first-time Real Estate investor.

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