What We Do.

Real estate is a relationship business.  Decades of treating people fairly and with respect develops the deep relationships necessary for long term success.  This approach allows our investors to consistently enjoy healthy returns.  Onward has assembled the leadership, the team, and the trusted national partnerships to provide a complete path to successful real estate investing.

Our Approach

At the intersection of Assets & Markets

Onward Investors

Opportunities are greatest with the right investment is made in the right market condition. Finding that sweet spot comes from having a perspective that is lost on those who rely on numbers alone. Our national relationships provide us with real time data and insight to consistently identify opportunities.

Our Focus

Diversified. Strategic. Risk Adjusted Returns.

As markets evolve so does Onward Investors. Our focus is meeting the investment objectives of our investors - evolving and adapting by continually challenging each other to be better and think critically about investment strategies. Diversifying risk - long term cash flowing investments alongside strategic development partnerships. Building a portfolio that produces consistent, risk adjusted returns.

  • Industrial

    • Stabilized and Value Add
    • Single and Multi Tenant
    • $2 million - $50 million
    • 7-10 Year Hold Period
  • Flex

    • Stabilized and Value Add
    • Multi Tenant
    • $2 million - $50 million
    • 3-5 Year Hold Period
  • Office

    • Deep Value Add
    • Multi Tenant
    • $5 million - $50 million
    • 3-5 Year Hold Period
  • Development

    • Industrial and Self Storage
    • Build to Suit and Spec
    • $5 million - $30 million
    • 2-3 Year Hold Period



  • Remember the real estate bubble? The great recession? The upside down hockey stick graph showing declining property values? It was a time of massive losses, bankruptcy and settlements, and while many forgive and forget, U.S. Bank saw our Founders’ integrity as not only admirable but backable.
  • After 13 years of running Opus Northwest, John Solberg and Brad Osmundson were accustomed to financial performance that showed $600 million of revenue and 25% return on equity. But in 2009, they found themselves managing through a mine field that brought down their sister companies and nearly took out their parent company. No one can ever be fully prepared to sit through meetings in which you hear the words “cross-default”, “loss of bonding capacity”, and “bankruptcy”.
  • But when things are hard a person’s true character shows through. The determination to stick with it. To make the hard choices. To do what is right even when it isn’t popular. Those are the people you want to do business with for the long term. Those are the people that show not just the ability to pay you back but the willingness to do whatever it takes to make it happen.
  • It took over two years, but John and Brad stuck with it and ultimately Opus Northwest was successful in not only paying U.S. Bank back on its $300 million of secured debt but also paying off its $45 million in unsecured debt. The character that John and Brad displayed was not lost on U.S. Bank. When Onward needed an acquisition line of credit, U.S. Bank rewarded that history by providing the $60 million line of credit that Onward has in place to this day.



Skin in the game. It’s what separates us from other funds. We invest with you - Onward's partners and employees personally invest alongside each of our fund's investors. Our experience has shown that this relationship works best when everyone's interests are aligned. Of course, you want to know who your co-investors are. How did they behave when the industry’s back was against the wall? How many real estate cycles have they weathered? With what results?

Meet the Team