Onward Investors

Finding deeper value in commercial real estate

Legacy Reimagined.

Four decades and over 100 million square feet of development across the country.  Our partners found the pinnacle of real estate success with an unmatched legacy.  After all that success…what comes next?  From that simple question Onward Investors was born.

    Enjoy your Work. Enjoy who you Work with.

    Real estate is in our blood. It is what we do. This passion has led us to build a team of professionals from a diverse set of backgrounds with an even more important set of values. Entrepreneurial. Transparent. Resilient. Strategic.
    The right team makes all the difference.

    Seeing around corners.

    Successful real estate investing takes experience, instincts, and vision. Markets are always changing - it is easy to follow the herd but that rarely results in long term success. Long term success comes from the discipline to analyze markets and investments objectively and the flexibility to move in a new direction as opportunities arise.

Skin in the game. It’s what separates us from other funds. We invest with you - Onward's partners and employees personally invest alongside each of our fund's investors. Our experience has shown that this relationship works best when everyone's interests are aligned. Of course, you want to know who your co-investors are. How did they behave when the industry’s back was against the wall? How many real estate cycles have they weathered? With what results?

Meet Our Team